Webcasting improved communication

There are many new ways to make your product or service directly to the mass population. A webcast of the latest and brightest technology out there. A webcast of a video or audio media file distributed live or on demand, according to the Web. The streaming media technology, push technology and a webcam.

Benefits webcast:

  • The live performances to the company or others in the international broadcast audience.
  • Conference should significantly reduce costs because there are no travel costs or printing.
  • broadcasts can be viewed anywhere in the world– not matter if your staff or clients.
  • You build brand awareness and reach a wide consumer base is much less than traditional methods. You can greatly expand access to events and information. There will be a very effective way to market and promote your products, services, organizations, and events.
  • Webcasts can be viewed at any time, even after the conference.
  • may

  • Webcasts archived for future use.
  • can make timely sales video.
  • Webinars easily created. The webinar is best described as an online, live or on-demand seminar. When combined with other e-learning events and cutting-edge technologies will enhance the image.
  • Registration is an easy task. The Participants can register at any time they want on the Internet.
  • Knowledge is the core of the transfer– webcast– more easily traced. If a live broadcast has not transferred the knowledge to be a failure. It & # 39; It s not about glitter and glamor. Knowledge transfer also includes creating, capturing and / or distributing knowledge and making sure that there is the future. The transfer of knowledge is a product of the knowledge-based economy. Often the transfer of skills, research results and good ideas. They move to universities, research organizations, business groups and the wider community in these skills.
  • The company will be more environmentally conscious by reducing the cost of travel and the use of paper.
  • There will be evidence of the company & # 39; and cutting-edge image.
  • You can enter on-demand multimedia content on your website.
  • There will be detailed a method for monitoring audience.
  • in addition to

  • Using Webcasting services will work hard to choose a product that is interesting and exciting. takes part in a live broadcast from a very in the moment "experience.
  • In most cases, you will be able to fill out the form, or simply click to see the election broadcast playback.
  • you need to be included in the webcast using section. If the customer reaches webcast the help she needs to be able to frequently asked questions, and select the appropriate choice.
  • archived webcast services enable archive of the webcast, so you can easily post an event on the website, so that is available on-demand.
  • many web sites offer a wide range of webcasting solutions to meet your needs. Customer engagement a top priority, these webcasting solutions. for example some sites off a virtual conference. Others offer a variety of services such as document sharing, audience surveys and follow-up of the live audience.

webcasting means that you use the web as a way to get the message live or on-demand. This is an exciting technology that allows you to broadcast what he likes at the moment it happens. Webcast can really enhance the learning and training environment.

One of the best features of the webcast is the ability to include live interaction through the use of the feature "chat" feature. Other great features include breakout sessions live, real-time polls and surveys, as well as real-time web page is displayed. In services, meetings or staff training can easily be performed in a webcast. After

conclusion of the broadcast, you can also create a final report, which tracks the number of registrants and participants versus the demographic and geographical statistics. You can easily evaluate the webcast content, program managers, and the usefulness of the media presented.

You can use a variety of Internet broadcasting programs. You can use the streaming broadcast from either audio webcast webcast video format or format. can take advantage of a one giving an equal points. This means that customers can scroll any number of betting options, and select the video or audio file that best meets their needs. The other option is a live broadcast. This option allows the customer to participate in viewing or listening. Online video is the ability to make video over the Internet. Streaming video is a process in which the media files into multiple viewers. The same procedure is used for audio streaming. The process can be live or on-demand. Many websites have a number of pre-recorded webcasts to view at your convenience. In this way, it also offers several programs simultaneously webcast. Webcasting transport continually gets easier and more user-friendly.

When the video marketing is particularly effective:

  • The products are mainly used for movement or sound
  • complex products may need to be demonstrated as part of the explanation
  • high-value products, which says: "you & # 39; important"
  • demonstrate to customers the quality and precision required to produce something or perform a service.
  • If fabulous recommendations or expert endorsements.

You will need software to the webcast. A good web create and host a webcast and no matter where they live or on-demand cast-making tool. You can use this software on any server you like. Some software allows students to combine their audio or video webcast. Good web creation tools to create, preview, and sent to the webcast. The software is a multimedia feature that includes data, video, sound, animation, text and graphics. Multimedia integrated.

Many webcast delivery tools available. Make sure to choose which has the following characteristics:

  • Create hosting and on-demand or live webcast.
  • able to combine live or on demand audio or push students.
  • Create, preview, and submit performance of any server that supports Macromedia Flash.
  • Easy to use. The intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • you do not need any special viewer software.
  • fully supports the animated PowerPoint slides, live and on demand. work
  • Features together.
  • Various viewing statistics can be tabulated. Management reports can be easily created.
  • The archive function is a must.
  • Security features will help define the scope of users.
  • One feature that members of the public especially like is the ability to take your questions to the live event, and to have them answered voice or text. Q & A and polling will take effect, and manageable.
  • Even Survey of the webcast instant results. Getting feedback from the audience is absolutely necessary. The webcast can have a polling feature that allows you to forward multiple choice questions of the audience to respond. You will see the results able to share them with the audience immediately.
  • Not only is this a live webcast of the audience, but you also have a "live and on-demand" function, so the presentation is available to more customers next live event.
  • must know to control who uses the webcast? This should be a user registration and reporting possible.
  • When the decision is streaming or progressive video know that streaming is the best method, because the public can view the video, because it is still downloading.
  • The webcast can be enhanced with an interactive user interface, which coordinates synchronized PowerPoint slides.

Webcast Production includes transferring, editing, and fills the visual aspect of the web server demonstration of the webcast. Webcast production includes a digital registration page, including a webcast evaluation form, separated into use as a help to the webcast, participants digitally tracking, and identifies the group & # 39; and demographic and digitally followed a single online discussions.

When broadcast public webcast you will need to use a hosting service. Audio and video streams require a server. The higher the required bandwidth is greater audience. If the audience is larger than a few hundred regular IT organization it will not work. If you expect a large audience, the server will need more lead time. Always know what the service provider & # 39; s requirements. This will help create a roadmap of what will happen when. Basically, set the date of the webcast and work backwards from there to create an exact timetable.

Things to consider when getting the data stream to the webcast hosting provider

  • When webcast of the network, you can make the bit rate connection is devoted to the Master webcast stream?
  • There are problems with firewalls or security protocol?
  • Remote locations can not be done bandwidth facilities.
  • Webcast tools to properly configure the network.
  • Do you know what data rate will be ensured?
  • it needs to know the size of the audience.
  • Decide player uses RealVideo or Windows Media Player.
  • There are some extras that you want?

Shockproof webcasting tips:

  • Use basic PowerPoint
  • principles.
  • Limit the information for each student.
  • Internet limits to what we can do. For example, if you send your files before time and embedded graphics or multi-media bog down some e-mail systems. In addition, bandwidth limitations may cause the multimedia clips and stopping and restarting animations. Try a small slide files.
  • Use a lot of balls.
  • The crowd is often distracted by emails, which snack– they multitask at will because you can not see them. Keep them engaged by providing the issues for discussion and brainstorming sessions polls. 8 words remain
  • Try balls per over.
  • Note that less than 8 balls in a slide.
  • use a 18pt font.
  • Keep the graphics are sharp and big.
  • Graphics are usually better than the bullets, but I still need a lot of explanation.
  • pictures are better than photographs.
  • Note that each student takes between 2 and 5 minutes. During
  • Lectures maintained for 45 minutes viewing interest.
  • mimic the sound of a radio personality louder and more slowly than usual.
  • Q, A, and polling.

Webcast narrative of the broadcast should be professionally such a way that it corresponds to the sound you are looking for. Narration is often best suits opinion pieces and book reviews for this product. scripting webcast: the script to choose broadcast live a very important aspect of the production. The script tells the participants of the "story" to tell. It should be written and narrated by a professional.

Why should a broadcast transcript when have been recording? One of the main reasons is that a live broadcast content is easily searchable. It does not get indexed by the search engines. As a result, the live broadcast is almost invisible. The transcription provided print portions that can be uploaded to the recording.

Transcription provides another important service. This makes it possible that people with disabilities have full access to the content of the webcasts. Audio files and subtitles help the visually impaired or full transcripts help those with hearing impairment.

Webcast quality issues

  • Excellent sound quality is a must. Make sure you get a good mix, and the noise level.
  • compensates for the video quality, which will never be as good as broadcast-quality video. Use three-point lighting. Perform a good director. Use a fixed camera on a tripod.

The webcast will save you money. There are many ways to achieve cost-effective webcasting. The most exciting feature of this webcast is the ability to save money. The technology used is accessible and affordable. Look at the independent on-line shows that successful. An independent media company and an average person can take advantage of this low cost technology. Low-cost webcasting at hand. You get a bigger bang for the buck that you promote your business or products. The webcast potentially reach more people than in any per-person. Among the most popular are news, technology and computers. The biggest "webcasters" is the existing TV and radio stations.

Many sites over free hosting and webcast & # 39; ll get a lot of disk space and bandwidth. If your site has a lot of streaming video you may need to get more bandwidth. You can usually purchase additional bandwidth if needed.

Marketing communications will focus on the product or service rather than a company that has a product or service. In general, the subject of the product / service positioning, marketing communication.

The Plan begins with the market as a written document, which expressed the actions needed to achieve your marketing goals. Marketing planning can be done to a brand, product line, product or service. The plan should include a period of 1-5 years. Build your marketing plan is a solid strategic foundation.

Source by Marc McNamara

Defining social algorithm

The word social is currently fashionable to social networks, social software, social bookmarking, social and now the algorithm. The social networking activity, social software tools are social networking possible, but what is a social algorithm?

The following will try to determine what social algorithm.

Social Networking.

Let's look at an example. Famous social networking sites include Flickr, YouTube, MySpace, Friendster, Wikipedia, Facebook, del.icio.us and virtual gaming world of Second Life. Bookmarking and tagging held social network activities. The goal of the network of people meet together or just sharing something (pictures, music, movies, information, etc).

Social Software.

Social software tools that allow people to network. These include e-mail, mailing lists, RSS, IRC, instant messaging, Napster as a P2P, blogs, wikis, AJAX, Web 2, etc. These are the features that the network should be interactive and bottom up (user content) . They used to be called group-ware software. Some of these software are very old, but others, like the recent blogs. Wikis have been around since Ward Cunningham, the father began to talk, but after taking only geeks and widely adopted only in the last few years. Some software is documented in wikis, and enterprises, educational institutions have begun to use it.


So, what is a social algorithm? The algorithm is like a cooking recipe or a computer program step-by-step to perform a procedure. Algorithms in pseudo-code, easy for people to understand and more abstract, such as computer programs. The programs are said to implement some algorithm that provides a machine translation of the pseudo code.

Although most algorithms numeric, it will not be as cooking recipes, logical merge algorithms, string matching, face recognition, etc.


Social algorithms different from the general algorithms that includes agents, and the algorithm is the result of interaction between the agents. The colony algorithm is an example of the ants as agents, and used to solve some problems, such as the shortest route or the traveling salesman problem. Social algorithm can be used in a distributed problem solving colony algorithm, but this is not necessary.

They say that Google & # 39; s PageRank algorithm is the key factor for Google to win the battle on the Internet. The PageRank algorithm ranks sites using a variety of criteria, including the number of inbound links, all the weight that PageRank referring site (for recursive algorithms and real-time).

To get an idea of ​​the algorithm, here's a description:

The original PageRank algorithm described by Lawrence Page and Sergey Brin in several publications.

is given as

to the PR (A) = (1-d) + d (PR (T1) / C (T 1) + … + PR (tn) / C (tn ))

PR (a) of the PageRank page of
PR (Ti) of the PageRank of pages Ti which link to page
C (Ti) is the number of outgoing links page Ti and
d is a damping factor which can be adjusted between 0 and 1.

Because PageRank determines the ranking pages of a search engine, it affects many things, and ultimately, many people who have income derived from the sites . Therefore, people who are the agents here, try to change the parameters of the site to increase their ranks. This is commonly known as SEO: search engine optimization.

This is an example where the algorithm rules of the social network, and thus alter the behavior or actions of agents. Abuse of the algorithm, in one case, someone will build Web sites based on (almost) only links with no content, but manages to get a high PageRank. Such anomalies are likely to be taken care of, like the PageRank algorithm is evolving.

Internet auctions and reverse auctions, such as eBay, are also algorithms that the rules of the game, where players.

Digg.com is a social bookmarking site, you get one of the original proposal digg, digg and people again, if you like the proposal, undug or if you do not. The number of Diggs the indicator of the proposal & # 39; s popularity. This system will help groups of people who cooperate with each other digg proposals.

We see that social algorithms are weaknesses, they often take advantage of certain people. It is therefore necessary to improve the social algorithms.

Netflix is ​​a famous case, they offer a million dollars to anyone who is able to increase the accuracy of the existing algorithm by 10%.

Non-human players and avatars.

Back to the definition of social algorithms such as a multi-agent based algorithm where agents are people, we feel that this definition should be extended to cases in which people and instead of animals or software surrogates. I consider the simulation of the Digg algorithm or the simulation of intelligent trading agents, such as social algorithms. So colony algorithm, which replaces the animals to humans. Similarly swarms, flocks, etc.

cellular automaton is a limit case that agent-based okay, but is often used to simulate the physical and chemical processes. If you use imitate human activity, it would be a social algorithm.

The evolution of the algorithm as an abstraction of the Darwinian process of social algorithm.
Genetic algorithms and variations are included.

Evolutionary game theory.

social evolutionary game theory algorithms intersect. Game theory studies the drug use strategies such as trading, auctions, marketing, etc. prisoner vote & # 39; and produces two prisoner's dilemma game, but it can be repeated and played in a population, which then becomes a social algorithm.

If you've ever played in Second Life, you know how difficult it can be social algorithms. The virtual world, throughout his life, including the economy, relationships, and property is determined by algorithms.

Source by Soei Tan

Watch Free Movies Online Experience Film Genres variety of

You & # 39; ll find a variety of film genres you watch free movies online. Just log in from any video streaming site and choose among the categories to find all the movies available in a particular genre. Aside from comedy, action, adventure, drama films and fantasy films, some of today & # 39; s popular film genres include the following.

war films. War films depict courage, humanity and heroism in the midst of conflict and disasters. They are also full of drama and strong political statements. may or may not be difficult for the special effects, but usually features a spectacular battle scenes to investigate the horrific nature of war and its deadly consequences of war movies.

Teen movies. Obviously, these movies are handling a variety of topics of concern to today & # 39; s youth school, family problems, friendship, growing up and struggling tinédzserszerelemrõl a & # 39; s fears or feelings. Sure, there are stereotypes, such as the popular girl, the athlete, the rebel, the nerd, the outcast, the cheerleader and the star players, the average girl / boy, girl-and-boy-next-door, and the new boy girl .

Science Fiction movies. These films explore the boundaries of our civilization, science and technology. Sci-fi movies to viewers to amazing places as far-flung planets and parallel dimensions. Many science fiction films are set in the chaotic and dangerous post-apocalyptic world that is significantly different from the world in which we live. Maybe tyrannical elements of time and space travel, encounters with extraterrestrial life and the war of independence against occupying forces, both human and alien.

Mystery. Unsolved crimes and political conspiracies often excellent plot points that leave viewers guessing, after the film ends. Mystery or be open or closed form. The open format reveals the Criminal beginning of the film as the story is retold, while a closed format of a typical whodunit thriller that tracks the hero & # 39; s pursuit of the suspect, whose identity has generally revealed a completely unexpected fashion.

documentaries. They are normally shown in cinemas and film festivals, but also released in DVD format. You may find a lot of documentaries, if you happen watch
free movies video streaming websites. Documentaries handling various social and political issues in depth. Some documentary followed the lives of some people to create a character portrait. While most documentaries depict "true" and "real people" quite a few fictional narrative actually shot in documentary style with a convincing effect.

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How to watch online movies

tired of paying dollar watch online movies? I will tell you a very simple way how to watch movies for free online in their PC or laptop.

There are many ways where you can watch the movies, but it is best if YouTube is a video streaming website and is currently the world & # 39; s no.1 video streaming website where you can watch a lot of videos of other people when they upload various videos like animals, songs, music, guides, internet tips and more.

But this is just believe in the beginning, you can also watch online movies on YouTube for free, this is what the best part is, you can only to be really creative, and & # 39; ll need to look for the right keywords on YouTube if you want to watch movies directly on your computer screen, basically YouTube, a search engine and type in the keywords related to what you want to see, and if there is any video that matches the keyword term & # 39 ; We show up. Now, if you want to see a movie like, say, High School Musical, you & # 39; ll to be something like, rip dvd high school musical, High School Musical Part 1, or anything that fits the film's title.

In case you can not find a movie you have to try to get DivX videos where you can watch movies for free in a high quality, you can not easily find elsewhere. Similarly, you can visit forums where there is a Free Movies . Online streaming, and more than this.

So these multiple ways for watching movies, videos, music videos and more, but these are only a few websites that offer streaming of thousands more even where stream and watch videos.

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The Pros and Cons of Using Social Bookmarking

Many people use the navigator toolbar to save all the website URLs they want to visit at a later date. However, when they encounter a very useful site and would like to share, you can email all of your friends to tell them the location. Instead of a full e-mail address book is a new trend in sharing websites, social bookmarking it.

Social Bookmarking

The social bookmarking service allows users to save their favorite pages and labeling. This is useful because the next time a user must find a particular bookmark, you can earn a Member word to find the site. In addition, a bookmark feature is useful for everyone on the Internet as a bookmark sharing information.


is a bookmark feature is easy to use. Users never need to worry about just your own personal computer to access your bookmarks. The service allows you to access your bookmarks from any computer hooked up to the Internet.

Bookmarking is a great way to share your favorite bookmarks with family, friends and colleagues. In particular, the work environment, the ability to work together is an important site becomes a lot easier bookmarking service where your website URL is already stored, ready for use.

Bookmark not only be shared with a circle of acquaintances, but to a much wider audience. Not only is the user & # 39; s favorite website URLs saved everyone can see, but also to see every user online. Then, users comments, and vote for your favorite bookmarks. It will be a great marketing tool as well.

Drawbacks of Social Bookmarking

Unfortunately, there are drawbacks to the social bookmarking. One of the most common complaints is the lack of controlled vocabulary words or objects. Sometimes labels misspelled or incorrectly labeled.

Another drawback is that there is no uniform structure than using singular or plural form when tagging bookmarks. No subject words and occasionally some web pages are not tagged at all. This is especially annoying.

Benefits of a personal website

Personal websites are created to be viewed online users. However, the riddle all business owners how to drive more traffic to your own website? Social bookmarking answer this question with the service. Users are more likely to trust a friend who recommends the website, then search engine.

Personal websites will increase your link popularity when you add a bookmark service. The search engines to discover your personal website link social bookmarking service, such as link popularity.

Personal websites gain popularity, even if the owner is connected to other website owners and promote each other & # 39; s products. This is called cross-social bookmarking.


Social bookmarking is a great way to share and store your important or favorite website URLs with family, friends, colleagues and the world.

Source by Scott Lindsay

Streaming Technology Explained in Layman & # 39; and Conditions

Various on-demand movie and TV services popping introduced some new terminology for many people in recent years who are not technologically savvy, and who are just starting to explore the vast, uncharted territories known as the World Wide Web. An expression is practically a household word streaming. The concept of streaming is not new. Radio and television streamed. Streaming, in a nutshell, means of transport media. We know anything can be digitized streams, including music, movies, sports, and television programs.

A statistic that may surprise many people that 30% of all Internet traffic today, Netflix streams alone. And over-the-top (OTT) media consumption from distributors like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Super Pass is projected to be 60% in the next two years.

Clarification two types of streaming video – live and on-demand. Live broadcast can be viewed on the Internet at the same time as a camera to record and digitally encodes the event. Progressive streaming is the kind of streaming, OTT streaming service to use. delivered on-demand videos, compressed files by streaming server. When an end user wishes for a film, for example, you select the movie and click the play button. The OTT vendor will then deliver the film for through a special software called the streaming server. The streaming server will evaluate what happens to the end user & # 39; s media player and adjustments to the so-called buffer to ensure a good viewing experience. The streaming content is not saved for the end user & # 39; s hard drive. Once the content stream that can not be accessed again unless the file has repeatedly called for the streaming service.

In addition, streaming, there is another mode of transport in this compressed files, which is called downloading. When you buy a movie, song or TV show, you can download the file to your Web server (instead of a streaming server) and save the file somewhere where you can access it whenever you want – usually the hard drive. Typically, at least part of the download must be complete before you start viewing the content without interruption.


Downloads can rent or buy. If it's a rental, then the OTT provider generally gives a certain period of time in which to view the rental content before the file will delete itself. It & # 39; s important to note that the downloaded files may contain viruses and malware, so make sure that you trust any source from which you download a file.

Media player can take many forms when you stream or view downloaded purchase. If you watch the content on your computer, you are likely to use the media player with the operating system, or you can download a premium or a media player that offers a streaming service. If you want to watch on television, you will need to utilize a game console, Blu-ray player, Internet TV or streaming media player that connects to your TV and to your home wireless network. It & # 39; s important to make sure that the intended media player supports OTT provider.

Streaming is undoubtedly here to stay as part of the entertainment. Watch as the technology continues to improve, and more options available to consumers.

Source by Anne Madison

The Advantages and Disadvantages Social Bookmarking

Treatment with a & # 39; s website absolutely requires precise techniques and procedures. To completely get more customers, increase your website traffic is the best choice. How to increase your traffic? The answer to this question is very simple. In order to add to the traffic, you can use the so-called social bookmarking.

What is social bookmarking? This term is often referred to as a sort of Internet users process, store, manage and search for bookmarks of resources online. Say for example, if you come across some interesting web site, you are automatically stored in any website social bookmarking sites and freely accessible at any time you desire. To understand the concept, only the following information as a guide.

If you are a novice online business, you will definitely ask for the benefits of social bookmarking. This social media marketing a variety of features that can not miss that. One of the best things about this social tactic web accessibility best. This site is not limited to a single computer. You can completely scan pages whenever and wherever you like, as long as you have an internet connection. Since everyone loves definitely looking for the newest, craziest and funny videos, events, and saying jokes to immediately hand over the websites to their friends and relatives. Thus, increasing traffic to social bookmarking widely observed.

As previously entrusted to your readers, they will certainly follow the recommended social bookmarking sites, and results in a high traffic generation. With social bookmarking, you can easily find affiliates to promote your business products and services. Both sides immediately to earn sufficient income from the partnership. The key to social bookmarking is primarily to create a strong and effective links to your site. This would certainly help to have a high search engine ranking.

Because not all techniques and procedures proven to perfect social bookmarking also brings some drawbacks. In internet marketing, label structures are not properly regulated. Let's say for example, users might be confused if they will use all capital words and the main keywords in the first paragraph. The increasing demand for social bookmarking, and many people use the benefits will clearly affect the site. Most people do not create links to useful and valuable content submissions. In this case, just up the garbage on the website of their own advantages.

simply weighing the advantages and disadvantages of this process, we fully understand the real impact of the website. Just like the rest of social advertising, it can have negative consequences if incorrectly used its functions. Fortunately, you get the benefits of a favorable social marketing, expect that many readers prefer to visit your website. The more readers and customers you have, the more chance accumulating more traffic to your site. Earn money on the use of social marketing is extremely quick and easy. Take the time to develop your marketing strategies and see how this process can effectively contribute to the success of online business.

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Audio Streaming! How does it work and what are the benefits?

Audio streaming the process of receiving audio signal from the computer over the Internet. Audio streaming is different from the usual method of Internet audio. Here, this method does not need to wait for a complete download of the file. You can listen to the sound or audio when it reaches your computer. The data from the buffering and playback starts automatically. The audio playback starts and continues to hear the sound, as more data is received continuously. Hearing the sound you need speaker / headphone, or sound card.

Advantages of Streaming Audio

Today it is used in many websites just to the audience in long hours at the site. As for audio streaming and buffering it takes a few seconds you'll get the data continuously, viewers of great interest to listen to it. Less chance of viewers to switch over to another site is a website that provides streaming audio.

Streaming media free of piracy. It's not like AVI, MPG, WMA or where you can download, edit and re-distribute it. Streaming media may not be reproduced, and thus provides a high degree of safety to the owner & # 39; s rights.

video can easily counter the viewer and his interests. The service can count the number of clicks that the audience how long he / she has remained website and the exact amount of transmitted data. So, this service helps to know your audience and how far it got them. This statistic can help you to analyze the interest of the audience easily.

is used for audio streaming

Voice technology used, including live web casts, digital music, e-learning solutions, online marketing brochures and advertising. Streaming media players and can play special software such as Windows Media Player and Real Time Video. Newer versions of the software can be downloaded for free on the site. To hear the sound transmission must be uninterrupted, that faster Internet connection.

The audio used in many organizations it is cheaper. Previously, large organizations to create DVD & # 39; s or video tapes and ship them to the branch offices abroad. Now, with advanced technology, send a message or communicate with any of the branch offices via the pages easily. Streaming Digital Video allows you to communicate quickly with customers.

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How Social Bookmark websites? Advantages and disadvantages Bookmark

One of the main parts of

Social Bookmarking SEO techniques to promote your website online. The main reason for bookmarking a post / site to generate traffic. Bookmark none other than saving a website in your browser [in your local PC]. Always the bookmark their favorite sites in our browser, we can easily retrieve them when needed. Social Bookmarking is also a similar way, but in this case, you can save all your bookmarks on the home page as well [not in your local PC]. With this technique, you can download your favorite sites from anywhere in the world via the Internet. This gives you more traffic to your website. Apart from the traffic, it also gives back links to your site.

How to do Social Bookmarking?

a lot of sites that provide such bookmarking services like Digg, Face book, Twitter, etc. …

1. First, you must create an account on these sites.

2. After registration you will receive a special code that you can put your blog / site. When you place these scripts in your blog, you will notice small icons at the bottom of each post. So, if a visitor came to the site and then bookmark your site by just clicking located at the bottom of these small icons in your posts.

3. You can also bookmark the URL directly in those areas where you can enter the address and a brief description [Do not forget to leave a link back to your site] ..

In this way, the social bookmarking service.

Note that in the post, that others have given more importance in the search results. Always try to be creative when choosing titles.


1. The main advantage of this marker in the Search Engine Optimization. Because these sites are highly search engine optimized.

experience the second direct traffic if you use these bookmarking service.

3. Furthermore, the theme of this service is that you can make a list of your favorite websites in one place and browse whenever and wherever needed through the Internet.

4. This is the best place for promoting, because now a days, so many people are gathering these bookmarking sites.


1. The main advantage is also a disadvantage. This means that the site you go out the results as quickly as it came into the search find. whereas, therefore, the old bookmarks will go back when new ones are added because so many people daily bookmarks and.

We can covert this disadvantage into an advantage by adding fresh bookmarks every time.

So start now and bookmark instant traffic to your website or blog.

Source by Radha Krishna Reddy

Tweaks to Speed ​​Up Internet Streaming Video

The birth of "Guerilla Video" sites, such as Peekvid.com, Alluc.org Youtube.com and gave users instant access to loads of free media files. Although streaming video technology for immediate access to video files, zero loading time is not always possible. Many factors attach to your computer & # 39; and to be able to start videos immediately. Other factors such as choppy PC video playback and slow video streaming also hinder your viewing pleasure. There are easy fixes to these problems. Sometimes you choose a different location of the source of the video streaming, or lower-quality version of the video to your instant prizes to play. These alternatives are not always available. However, a number of tweaks to speed up the streaming video startup times, eliminate choppy PC video playback and slow streaming video stop away.

Before we begin the tweaks to speed up your slow streaming video, allows you to have a basic understanding of streaming video technology, in order to avoid choppy video. Streaming video is a prerecorded video files can be distributed as part of live broadcast "feed." The video signal converts compressed digital signal and transmitted to the Web server. This server can be multicast the same file to multiple users simultaneously. If you click on the video, you can access part before loading. This so-called "buffer". This helps you to load and play the video immediately. Now let's take a look at how to reduce the buffer time, stop slow streaming video and eliminate choppy PC video playback.

Common Problems Video Streaming

Problem # 1: Choppy PC Video playback – Choppy video-related issues in general PC performance. Here are some things you can try to stop choppy playback and improve your computer's performance.

A Solution To turn off hardware acceleration All-media applications require different aspects of computer & # 39; s hardware. Depending on the task, the requirements may vary. To turn off hardware acceleration allows for the application of the requirements and not be forced to be one of the general setting. The hardware acceleration has been to known to play a broken PC crashes and slow streaming video problems.

You can eliminate the following problems:
1.Click "Start"
2.Click "Control Panel"
3.Select the "Settings" tab then click "Advanced" .
4.Click the "Troubleshooting" tab.
5.Disable the hardware acceleration completely drag the slider to the left.


Solution B Video Acceleration-The reason for this tweak is similar hardware acceleration. This law frees up resources for the media player, not the hardware. However, you should reduce the video acceleration for selected players. Some sites like Youtube.com does not offer this option. However, Windows Media Player allows you to easily amend this problem, follow the steps below. Other players & # 39; instructions may vary.

1. In Windows Media Player
2. Click the "Tools" menu
3. Click on "Options"
4. Select the "Performance" tab.
5. Move the Video Acceleration Slider to "None"

Solution C. Adjust your Windows Desktop Visual Effects-You computer is receiving a boost to the significance of
speed. This tweak is available more resources for the media player and your PC's performance.

1.Click "Start" then "Control Panel."
2.Click "System" and select "Display".
3.Find the "Advanced" tab, and then click
4.Under "Performance", click on "Settings"
5.Under "Visual Effects", you can choose from a list of options such as such as "Adjust for best performance" or custom. If you decide the best performance will be checked all the features.

More Performance Tips lands check "Speed ​​Up PC" and
free up more resources to shut down the PC choppy playback.

Problem # 2: Slow and continuous buffering-This problem can be attributed to two factors speed internet and the media player. You can tweak the PC setting in both areas to reduce the slow streaming video. Remember that each player has their own buffer settings. Below is a how to change the buffer setting in the Media Player.

Buffer Solution Set Settings– A. The default buffer settings in Windows Media Player, use the following steps:
Windows Media Player 1 . Start
2.Click the "View" men
3.Click "Options"
4.On the "Advanced" tab, click on "Streaming Media" (Windows Media)
5. Click "Change" to change the buffer settings.

Keep in mind that the higher the buffer more of the clip will be loaded. The waiting time before you can see or hear the file will be longer, but you have fewer interruptions when playing the clip begins.

Video Solution B. Use Custom Proxy A proxy allows for popular files loaded on the servers. This eliminates the need to load the files on your computer. For example, if you use a proxy, YouTubeProxy.org, you do not have to wait for the computer to download the popular YouTube.com content because it may be already loaded on the server. This is a great way to stop slow streaming video.

These are just some tips to eliminate choppy PC video playback and slow streaming video. However, there are more advanced ways to stop this problem. Depending on your location, you may be independent software specially developed to speed up your slow streaming video. Also, remember the general maintenance is a good way to avoid choppy PC video playback.

Source by Gaelim Holland